Presenting …

… Lynn J Nagora


Lynn J Nagora

A wife of 36 years, a mother of five and a grandmother of four, I come from an administrative, teaching and creative background.


Since I was a small child, I loved to watch things grow. I was absolutely fascinated with how something so tiny such as a seed could grow into this huge vegetable. In my teenage years, I discovered that I was passionate about helping people or assisting them in some form or another. When I saw someone having difficulties, I would be right there helping them get through it whether it was school, work or life.


For me, this was my way of seeing people grow, watching the delight in their eyes when something clicked, when they were able to see the dots connecting one by one.


In an effort to reach out in different ways, together with my skills from all my schooling and from life, I started my own business. I found a great deal of satisfaction in mentoring aspiring administrative assistant students, teaching computer skills especially to the elderly and partnering with individuals and companies on special projects and fundraisers.


To continue my journey and expand my geographical boundaries, I acquired the essential training with Anastacia Brice of AssistU to become a top-notch virtual assistant. In an effort to find my niche, I worked with a few coaches and discovered that’s with whom I wanted to partner.


Working with coaches, introducing them to all the wondrous features of  systems like The Coaches Console and helping them become a little more balanced in all aspects of their life is like the chocolate icing on the cake. I not only get to continue contributing to the happiness of others, I can align myself with a higher purpose, a deeper source of creative power, making a difference in the lives of those who are in need.


Please feel free to go to my LinkedIn profile for more detailed specs about me.


Much Happiness and Many Blessings to You,