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Got a Question?The following is a list of common questions asked by many.


If a thought comes to mind or you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to contact me to find out more.



HCVA“Why would I choose to work with a Virtual Assistant (VA)?”


When’s the last time you had a chance to sit down and simply chat with a family member or a friend without having to watch the clock?


Have you thought of great ideas for your business, but are so busy taking care of paperwork that you have had to put them on the back burner?


Is your designated office area so crowded with various piles that you can’t even get to your chair?


Are you losing money because you don’t have time to take care of those little discrepancies that show up on your bill statements?


Are your bills getting paid on time?


Are you able to take care of your customers the way that reflects who you are?


Are you able to keep up with your customer’s needs?


Just imagine what you could accomplish with even just an extra 2-3 hours a week. The possibilities are endless! And that’s just part of it. Studies show that more and more businesses are seeing the value of hiring a Virtual Assistant over an Administrative Assistant physically at their company site for two economic reasons: cost effectiveness and efficiency.


There’s no need for clients to share space in a home office or find additional office space, no need to buy additional equipment, no need to deal with managing an employee, no need to deal with the administrative details associated with payroll or pay associated payroll taxes.


The ultimate way to decide whether or not you want to work with a VA is to carry a small pad of paper and a pen with you for a day or two. Now, every time you do something, take a second to ask yourself, “Do I really need to be the one to do this?” If not, jot it down. By the end of the two days, look at your list and it will tell you not only what can be taken off your plate and delegated but how much time you could gain for other more important and pressing matters. Now, keep doing this for the rest of the week. I can guarantee you are going to be astounded!



HCVA“What is a Virtual Assistant?”


A Virtual Assistant is a solopreneur who provides administrative office support without having to be physically present in the client’s home or office through means of the internet, email, phone or fax (in addition to other evolving technologies). The term Virtual Assistant (VA) came to life in 1996 from a conversation between Anastacia “Stacy” Brice and life coach Thomas Leonard who coined the term; however, Anastacia actually began working “virtually” in the Fall of 1992 as a full-time home-based contractor with an international client providing administrative support, travel planning and personal assistance with the only prevalent medium being a phone and a fax. Typically, VAs have several years of administrative assistant, secretarial, office management or similar experience.


Bottom line, a VA works with a client in completing any task that would normally be done in the office. This includes but is not limited to:


♠  Professional document preparation


♠  Proofread, Copy /Edit, Dictation/ Transcription


♠  Data entry


♠  Handle email and postal mail, includes mail-outs


♠  Complete personal/business paperwork


♠  Maintain a schedule


♠  Plan and organize meetings or conferences


♠  Create itineraries or agendas


♠  Phone calls/inquiries; Send/receive faxes


♠  Cancel, create, renew subscriptions, passports


However, with the increased popularity and the diversity of individuals who are shifting to this profession, many have other skill sets that are being brought to the table and complementing regular administrative services offered such as bookkeeping, marketing, web and graphic design.



HCVA“How are your services different from what other VAs are offering?”


The unique features of my business emerge in how services are provided. Clients work with me because of who I am, what I stand for, how I look at things, where I’m heading and the why behind it. Through the laws of attraction, like-minded individuals and I will work towards a partnership formed by means of a long-term collaborative relationship adding tremendous significance for you, the client. It is essential to be goal-oriented and not task-oriented; this allows me to know you and the wants and needs of your business to the point of proactively supporting you in reaching your goals. The interactions are part of a strategic trusting relationship to be continuous and constant, working as value-based business equals.


I strive to be a leader in customer service and recognize the importance of customer loyalty. I also believe in delivering high standards of excellence in everything I do or offer. To me, some competitors are experts who may (and probably will) be able to help me fill service gaps in the future.


Every single virtual assistant is as unique as their fingerprints; their vast experience gained throughout their business and personal lives all play a part in the how, what, where, why and when of who they are. For every client, there is a VA that is an ideal fit. This is what makes this profession so perfectly wonderful, creating lasting and trusting relationships allowing both client and VA professionals to excel in their business.



HCVA“What qualities do you look for in a client?”


♥  Creative, easy going, down to earth


♥  Patient, spiritual, open to their feelings


♥  Resonates with the beauty of nature


♥  Light-hearted, young at heart


♥  Sensible, reasonable or logical


♥  A sense of humour


♥  Relaxed and well balanced in life


♥  Flexible, organized


♥  Life-long learner


♥  Honest, respectful, integrity


♥  Positive personality, professional, authentic


♥  Trusting and trustworthy


♥  Be able to work “virtually”


♥  Believe there’s a solution for every problem


♥  Someone who can let go of things easily and be able to delegate


♥  Pay on time


♥  Speak up when something is bothering them


♥  Articulate needs and desires


♥  Must be doing well with attainable goals


♥  Has an online presence and is somewhat cyber as well as computer savvy


♥  Someone willing to work in a long-term collaborative partnership/relationship as an equal


♥  Someone who has vision and able to communicate that


♥  And most importantly, someone who is passionate about the work they do.



HCVA“Why are you in this business?”


I have always been passionate about helping make other people’s lives a little easier by offering my assistance in some way. This business allows me to be more adventurous and to go beyond the geographical boundaries of my home office. While making use of the skills I possess (administrative and beyond), I have the freedom to decide and enjoy what I do, be present for and spend time with my family and friends, choose to work with amazing people who appreciate me for who I am, utilize my strengths, be my own boss, and just possibly make a difference.



HCVA“What do people you work with say are your greatest strengths in business?”


People I work with say I have the patience of a saint, that I am persistent, meticulous, caring, professional, down to earth, knowledgeable, trustworthy and, I tend to think outside the box. Other words used to describe me are thoughtful, detail-oriented, inquisitive and zealous! One example makes me think of a time when I was teaching an elderly person how to use Windows. He was very curious, which I loved, but he was anxious too making it difficult for him to catch onto basic tasks.


I found a way to not only get him past the basics but to teach him a few different methods on how to communicate with his children and grandchildren living thousands of miles away as well as how to use the resources available to restore his native tongue. It was such a thrill to see the sense of accomplishment sparkling in his eyes and the big smile on his face!


As an administrative office assistant for the Ministry, I initiated a project to recruit, test, train and manage individuals from the local College’s Office Administration Program to volunteer once a week in the evening for experience. It was a great opportunity for students to get their feet wet as well as assist the Ministry to fulfill a need. Each year to show our appreciation, I would organize special activities and events to celebrate and applaud their dedication.



HCVA“What are the top 10 things you love to do in your spare time?”


1.  Photography – I love to take pictures … my preference involves different types of architecture, nature and clouds – I have tons of cloud pictures especially during a sunrise, sunset or a storm – there is so much beauty to behold in what God has created … it leaves me speechless

2.  Research – I love to explore and discover; I love science when it pertains to nature – land, sea, space, critters, or plants

3.  Gardening – I love to work in my garden whether it’s vegetables or flowers as well as tending to my indoor plants; I find it very therapeutic

4.  Cooking and Baking – especially during a large family gathering when there are lots of mouths to feed or a fundraiser for a worthy cause

5.  I love driving anytime and anywhere, traveling by means of a car, truck, motorcycle, train, plane, helicopter, boat … did I miss anything? For me it’s the journey AND the destination for all my adventures

6.  I love listening to music and dancing … there’s nothing like classic 70’s music; I also recently discovered that I love line dancing to Irish music … go figure ☺

7.  Aerobics, stretch and strength, yoga, meditating, hiking, walking or swimming; I love going for a walk or jog early in the morning or hiking through the forest, listening to the sounds or smelling the freshness of the day

8.  Organizing or coordinating – these are one of those moments where I’m really at my best when I am part of an event that I can contribute my time and ideas

9.  I love to be creative and use my imagination – this is me regardless of whether I’m at home, at an event, or at a place of business

10. Reading and Learning – I love to read various types of books from science fiction to 600+ page computer manuals (Yes, I’ve read computer manuals front to back!) I have a considerable thirst for knowledge; the more I learn, the more I want to know.



HCVA“What do you really care about in life?”


I care about my family and friends, my health (emotional, physical and spiritual), taking the necessary time alone to reflect or meditate; I care about how I treat others; I care about taking the time to make someone smile; I care about nature and all the little critters that may come my way; I care about how I complete tasks or projects ensuring it’s done well regardless of whether it’s for me or someone else. I like to be organized and have order to my surroundings (home, office and life).



HCVA“What are the top 3 values you live by?”


1. I value building honest and true relationships, connecting with people who have the same sense of integrity.

2. I value having a balanced life where I can be truly happy in areas of family, personal, business, spiritual, health and financial.

3. I value God and nature; the peace, serenity … the incredible wonders that capture my senses each and every time.



HCVA“Is my information confidential?”


Your privacy is extremely important to me. Your information, all forms of work completed and what is discussed as we work together will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared, given or sold to anyone. I will only discuss the subject matter that you choose with whom I am asked to speak to on your behalf that is within the context of our relationship.