Take a Break …

Summer holiday season is upon us. This is traditionally when singles, couples and families take some time off, a break from work, for a little rest and relaxation. Yet entrepreneurs, even coaches (who should know better) are loath to get away. The common reason offered is that when the entrepreneur is absent, revenues cease but expenses keep cranking away. Contrast this with a typical job. You may get a vacation for which your employer pays you. Moreover, your expenses or “overhead” diminish during time off, as you may save on commuting costs, lunches out during the week, childcare, or other expenses related to work.


Nonetheless, taking time away from your office and from your clients has much to offer. Even short stints avoiding the pressures of the practice or the worries of the work benefit you. You may find yourself refreshed, rejuvenated, and reenergized.


When you refresh your computer display, it clears the page and re-creates it, anew. Similarly, when you vacation, itʼs as if you click a reset button on your brain. You clear away things that are hampering your efficiency. Much like refreshing a page on a digital device, you may rid yourself of cookies, viruses, worms, or other barnacles that are attaching themselves to the underbelly of your working memory. Clearing the decks leaves room for new, fresh and exciting things to enter.


You may find rejuvenation in your time away. This allows you to look at things from a fresh perspective. When the clutter is cleared away, new perspectives, new approaches, new visions and new strategies are free to roam, to be played with, and to be explored. Or, old habits, methods, or ways of viewing the world around you can be reconnected in new ways. You may find yourself walking in another’s shoes. You may learn to see things from a completely opposite viewpoint. All of these allow growth, not only of yourself as a person, but as a professional as well. Remember that muscle doesn’t grow from exercise; it grows from the rest in between exercise sessions where your muscles repair themselves stronger than before.


You may then return from your break reenergized. The process of taking a step back, ridding yourself of old thoughts and allowing new ones to enter, may create a sense of excitement, new purpose, and renewed commitment and passion. Too often, professionals such as physicians, lawyers and even coaches can suffer from burnout due to the continual, unending interaction with clients. Time spent away will allow you to better serve those who have retained you. And isnʼt this another example of that overused cliché, a “win-win”?


So as you enter the summer months, consider whether taking a break might benefit you and your clients, as well as your business. Rather than feeling guilty or anxious over leaving the office, the phones, e-mail, texting, social media and the plethora of other ways that we stay 24/7 connected, understand that you may return better able to help those who need your expertise. True, the expenses will keep clicking away while youʼre gone. But although revenues may be lightened for the days youʼre absent, look instead at them over a longer period of time.  You will see that those who are refreshed, rejuvenated, and reenergized usually perform better, earn more, and enjoy greater success.  You can too.